“Here and One”

“Here and One” is a collection of artworks selected for a 3-month exhibition with KOKO, opening on 17th August 2016. It showcases a diverse assemblage of figurative, abstract and photography works by Chinese and Western contemporary artists, designed for the relaxing environment among the city lights, in the art capital of Hong Kong.

In the spacious garden terrace that is a welcome sanctuary in the heart of Central, overlooking The Central Police Station, KOKO have created a world class, contemporary izakaya space. The founders felt that the artworks, although not by Japanese artists, should respond to that culture while engaging with our customers and representing KOKO’s artistic design.

The word ‘KOKO’ in Japanese has different meanings; “here” as in “I’m here”, “this place” and “individualism” as with “I” or the ‘self’ or “One”.

With this in mind, the joint exhibition is a collaboration between Above Second Gallery and CONSIGG Art Advisory. ‘Here and One’ is the first of a succession of exhibitions in partnership with KEE Club. Can’t make the opening? Enjoy a pop up gallery experience while dining with KOKO’s chef who uses Japanese techniques and ingredients. Be sure to try the rare sakes specially selected by Hidetoshi Nakata, an ex-footballer and a sake ambassador of Japan now.

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