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  1. Chinese Lady 'Commissioned for the Benjamin Sigg Collection'

    Toilet Paper, thread twisting and knitting


Wang Lei (王雷) B. 1980 Dancheng, Henan Province

This work entitled “Chinese Lady” by the artist was commissioned for Benjamin and in the artist’s word’s “explores the "possibility" of the original nature of the material, making it impossible to transform into a new possibility.”

Weaving is a practical skill used in daily life, yet it is a skill that turns wonders. A cheap toilet roll can be made into a work of art, viewers are enabled to see the ordinary things around them in a refreshed way, gaining a unique spiritual enhancement and aesthetic joy.   

Wang Lei lives and works in Beijing, Luoyang and Kaifeng, China. He was born in Henan province and in 2003, he graduated with a B.A. from the Department of Fine Arts at Henan University. In 2010, the year Wang Lei executed “Chinese Lady for Mr Sigg, subsequently Wang Lei graduated with an M.F.A at the Department of Experimental Art in CAFA Beijing, China. His studies of power in society and use of materials as a play on current affairs and cultural taboos, had put him on the map having exhibited globally by 2014 Wang Lei had established his artworks as “true collectors items” with his most important works in prestigious private and public collections such as the National Museum of China, White Rabbit collection and the Benjamin Sigg Collection. Dr Uli Sigg also recently acquired Wang Lei for the Sigg Collection.    

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