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  1. Clouds on mountain (云凝山)

    Ink on paper
    62 x 98 cm
  2. Middle Country; Grow by five colour earth (中境—五色土生)

    Mixed media on canvas
    190 x 235 cm
  3. Exhibited: Today Art Museum, 2014 Li Xi Solo Show.


Li Xi (李曦) B. 1979, Liaoning, China

Li Xi is an established artist, held with high esteem at the top tier of the contemporary Chinese art scene with over 12 years at the forefront. Li Xi’s early works, on paper and canvas, the likes of which were collected by Dr. Uli Sigg, will be exhibited at the M+ Sigg Collection. M+ is the world-class institute, opening in Hong Kong in 2019. These works in essence were a study of ancient philosophy. Li Xi practices in the style of a traditional Chinese calligrapher and yet free of characters. Flows of ink and with the later introduction of color, abstract clouds or mountains appear as if naturally formed, or as a ripple effect would transpire before your eyes. Tranquil, brush strokes guided by the artist’s spirit, depict abstract universal landscapes, waves of matter, working over the canvas, arduously yet effortlessly. Her works have an everlasting quality, an immeasurable nature. Infinite explorations of form, beautifully and skillfully crafted while guided by the artist’s spirit.

Benjamin fell in love with Li Xi's work on his first visit to her original studio in Beijing. Shortly after the artist became gold medalist of Art Scene China’s DragonAir “Emerging Artist Award in 2005” and featured in “Art Cologne” on behalf of Art Scene China the same year. To date Li Xi has exhibited internationally and her artworks are included in numerous public and private collections for e.g. Beijing "Everlasting Mountain and Water: Chinese Landscape in Multiple Dimensions"at The Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy at The Fourth Art in Sanya, Shanghai "From one to one"Solo show, Switzerland and Hong Kong with Chinese Whispers, The Sigg Collection and M+Sigg Collection at the Kunstmuseum and Paul Klee Gallery in Bern in the run up to the opening of the M+Sigg collection preview in Hong Kong March/April 2016.

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