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  1. Five Elements

    Oil on Canvas
    60cm x 50.5cm

Ji Dachun (季大纯) B. 1968, Jiangsu, China

Ji Dachun is an artist living and working in Beijing who is known for his witty and playful artworks that address complex relations between the East and West. His ironic and humorous subjects, usually executed through the use of graphite and acrylic wash have been exhibited extensively at international fairs and festivals such as Guangzhou Triennial, 2002 and the Shanghai Beinnale, 2000 as well as several solo shows throughout Asia and Europe.

In the rare work by Ji Dachun entitled "Five Elements" we see the artist demonstrating his ability to portray symbolic and familiar factors of life, in this case the five elements, wood, water fire and gold. These elements are transcended through the use of painterly skills, a view of wide and open space. Although limited it somehow represents a complete world, in the style of literati, a typical vast, open space of the artist, seemingly inspired by traditional Chinese landscape painting.

"My paintings are closely connected to my personal life experience and living environment. Deeply indulged in fear and loneliness, I am positively facing the cruel reality and culture clash with conviction, at the same time suspecting the existence of such a dream.” 

Ji Dachun

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