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  1. Untitled

    Oil on Canvas
    65.5cm x 50cm

Izumi Kato (加藤泉) B.1969, Kyoto, Japan

By the time Kato was a fully trained and an established painter, the artist almost abandoned the use of brush, turning to finger painting and the use of spatula with a latex gloved hand, skillfully creating soulful contours and deep shapes of colour. His first works were abstract landscapes until he began introducing female portraits which evolved into organic, figurative works with tribal or spiritual overtones.

Kato Izumi appeals to many for his striking, iconic spirit beings, that seem to represent a powerful haunting of loneliness and the presence of spirit, a unique style, literally dreamed up by the artist. Beautiful, organic shapes and lines that form creatures or human-like-nature beings.  In 2005, he reached a deadlock with his paintings, a new focus on sculpture saw the artist displaying a diverse skill set. As a result Kato created a sculpture series, a range of wooden carved and ceramic sculptures which are in fact an extension of his paintings.

Ben recognises the artist for his impact to the contemporary art scene in the 90’s on a national and international level. Although Kato Izumi is considered a latecomer to the scene having been born in 1969. Kato introduced style that was deeply intriguing to both Eastern and Western collectors. 

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