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  1. Mr. Hong - Please Come In

    76.2cm x 63.5cm

Hong Hao (洪浩) B. 1965, Beijing, China

Hong Hao is a contemporary Chinese visual artist who graduated from the Printmaking Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing in 1989. The artist works with assembled scanned images of found objects such as books  books, maps and banknotes. Hong Hao exhibited at the Queens Museum of Art in New York 2005 in a group exhibition. In 2009 in his solo exhibition “Hong Hao: Bottom" at Beijing Commune, Hong Hao exhibited a series that featuring the bottom half of everyday objects, arranging the scanned images according to their colours and form, he breaks down the functional properties of the material in subject. Reproducing the object in an aesthetically different persona.  In Hong Hao new series ”AS IT IS,” featured in his recent solo exhibition at Beijing Commune, see’s the artist dealing with the physical forms in what you could say is more succinct, and the mark of the establishment of his language. A number of impressive auction results over the last decade are proving his works to have a high value of interest among international collectors.

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